Oxalic Acid CAS No.144-62-7

Purifying agent in pharmaceutical industry, special in antibiotic medication, such as Oxytetracycline , Chloramphenicol , etc; Precipitating agent in Rare-earth mineral processing;Bleaching agent in the textile activities, wood pulp bleaching; Rust-re

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Pyrogallic Acid CAS No.87-66-1

Pyrogallic Acid for the preparation of metal colloidal solution, colored leather, fur, hair dyeing, etching; and can be used as film developer, infrared photography thermosensitive agent, styrene and polystyrene block poly poly agent, medicine and dye

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1,2,3-Trimethoxybenzene Quick Details Grade Standard Industrial Grade Purity 99% min Appearance White crystal Melting point 43-45 C deg. Classification Organic chemical intermediates Package 25kgs fibre drums Place of Origin DALIAN,CHINA Loading Port DALIAN,CHINA You are buying=Our Products + Our Ser

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Gallic Acid has been used to probe the cyanideinsensitive alternative oxidase pathway of oxygen uptake in seeds of antioxidant additive in fat and grease food.

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N-Dodecane CAS No.112-40-3

N-Dodecane Quick Details N-Dodecane Main Applications N-Dodecane It is mainly used as raw material of spray insecticide, pesticide, top-grade washing daily product. N-Dodecane Specification You are buying=Our Products + Our Service DALIAN CHEM --Dalia

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