Bentonite Irregular Cat Litter

Bentonite Irregular Cat Litter Description Bentonite Irregular cat litter is a natural products, non-toxic, pollution-free, so that it can be a green product for family use, and Effect of mildew, antibacterial, deodorant and so on. The adsorption capacity of this type of cat litter can be reach more

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Tofu Cat Litter

Tofu Cat Litter Description Tofu cat litter, environmental coagulation tofu sand, the main ingredient is the bean residue waste, corn cob, etc., is the clumping cat litter.Bean flour 100% food grade raw material,nontoxic for pet,even cat eat.Great clumping effect and good absorption,could absorb cats

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Active Carbon Cat Litter

Active Carbon Cat Litter Description Activated carbon cat litter is made by the company using exclusively invented special technology to organically combine activated carbon molecules and aluminosilicate minerals into cat litter particles. Activated c

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Silica Gel Cat Litter

Silica Gel Cat Litter Description Crystal cat litter is one of silica gel non clumping cat litter, The main components is SiO2, it is semi-translucent granular beads or some irregular particles in appearance, used as padding material for cat or other pets, it is the most popular pet products in the c

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Bentonite cat litter

Bentonite Cat Litter Description Bentonite cat litter is currently the most common use of Clumping cat litter, it is very suitable for use in the family. Bentonite cat litter is white or gray round spherical particles or irregularly shaped particles i

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