Veratraldehyde CAS No.120-14-9

Veratraldehyde is pharmaceutical & flavor intermediate,for the manufacturing of L-Methyldopa and L-Dopa, also used in the production of sulfa veterinary drugs Diverdine(DVD) , Also commonly used in electroplating and flavor, as well as Veratrum acid synthesis products.

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Glycine CAS No.56-40-6

It is mainly used as a feed for poultry, livestock, and especially pets, to add amino acid additives and attractants. Used as a hydrolyzed protein additive as a synergist for hydrolyzed proteins. As pesticide intermediates, such as herbicide glyphosa

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White Vaseline CAS No.8009-03-8

White Vaseline Quick Details CAS No. 8009-03-8 Classification Pharmaceutical chemical Grade Standard Industrial Grade Appearance WHITE TRANSLUCENT SOFT UNCTUOUS Package 25Kgs Drum Place of Origin DALIAN,CHINA Loading Port DALIAN,CHINA White Vaseline M

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